Monday, June 6, 2016

Our Buildings

Originally Posted May 11, 2012
Our ceramic buildings add a lot to our display; if you are a fan of Department 56 or Lemax buildings, see if you can find your favorites. You will notice that ours have often been repainted: we call this “de-Christmas”-ing. It involves painting over the snow with an appropriate substitute and often covering the roof with new material. Often, even when the building has no snow, we like to tighten up the details or mute over-bright colors. No hostility here to the Christmas season, just a desire to keep our main layout in the sunnier months. We have a very nice winter layout in the gift shop, just the thing to see when the thermometer hits 100F!
Between the scratch built items and the ready-to-go ceramic pieces, we have the building kits. Various companies sell kits in laser-cut wood, the most precise and delicately detailed of our models. The large refinery is also a kit, made of plastic and designed by a real-life chemical engineer who works in the industry.

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